The performers and panelists are on campus from October 22nd to October 23rd. Please contact Amyaz Moledina if you would like to request a meeting. Requests will be accommodated as per the schedule and rehearsal commitments of the performers.

Sunday 21
Sufi Music Listening Party. 8pm Babcock Lounge. Sponosred by Noor, and OICM
Come listen to Sufi music and discuss how students relate to this music and Sufism in general. The discussion will be informal. Join the Twitter party by using #sufimusic.

Monday 22
Class visits
Afternoon Rehearsal

Tuesday 23
FYS Class Visit. All FYS classes will be hosted toegther at Lean Lecture Hall. 9:30am-10:50am.
The performers and panelists will discuss the following topics: Cheikh Babaou will speak on  “Music and Faith in Islam: The Sufi Tradition”  and Karim Gillani will speak about “Recreating New Identity of Pakistani Sufi Music: A War Against Islamic Extremism.”

Lunch panel. Noon in Babcock Dining Hall.
RSVP Required. Food is provided free of charge. The performers and panelists will present aspects of the evenings event and their thoughts on Sufi music. For example, Karim Gillani will speak about “Music Beyond Borders: Ismaili Ginan, Migration and Transmission”. Please sign up here.

Performance and Meditation 7:30pm McGaw
Open to all. During the performance we will be broadcasting background information on a live blog. You can tweet questions to #sufimusic and follow along on your laptop or flash-enabled tablet. (Sadly Iphones will not interact with our liveblog software, but Iphones and Ipad can joinin via Twitter hashtag #sufimusic). As with all technology used during a performance, please have your electronic devices set to silent and dim the brightness to the lowest setting.

Reception 8:45pm College of Wooster Art Museum (CWAM)
Join us immediately after the performance for dessert and informal conversation with the performers.